Bar Harbor, Maine

Hello guys. Greetings form Maine...

My boyfriend and I were very interested in getting a blue tick coonhound. We found this ad on Hoobly Classified. We have never purchased a dog online before, we've always bought dogs locally... a friend of mind got a dog online and everything when fine.

So we decided to give it a shot. I messaged her on tuesday.. I didn't want to give her any personal information until my boyfriend and I had confirmed the dog after talking to one another. We decided we wanted the puppy..I went online to reply to her and the email was declined.

It couldn't be sent to the address I looked online to find a phone number for her, however there was nothing but I did find this website however. Which I am very thankful for. We didn't give the lady ANY of our money, because we wanted the dog in hand before we handed over anything.

She told us that the cost of the dog including delivery to our front door step would be $700.00. She wanted my personal address instead of my business address. Which shouldn't make a difference when purchasing anything online. I was very unimpressed, and I am continuing to look online for a reliable dog kennel.

I am very aware now that the internet holds all types of scams, and all kinds of people.

I hope that someone contacts Hoobly Classified and lets them know that they should report, or take down the ad before she scams anyone else.

Please recommend any RELIABLE blue tick coonhound kennels that you know of.

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East Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #939607

That is the dumbest complaint I ever heard in my life. She expected the dog to be delivered to her before she paid for it and refused to provide a delivery address? Is that how you buy anything online?

to Ann Texas, United States #954840

Clearly, it's not. However it's a scam.

That's the point.

For someone who has never purchased a pet online, or possibly hasn't purchased much of anything online this might appear to be valid.

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